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What Makes Icelandic Gin So Delicious?

The Purest Water

Icelandic glacial water, filtered through volcanic rock and purified by the “hidden people,” is used to make Iceland Gin.

Unique Botanicals

Juniper and other botanicals are well adapted to the harsh natural environment, where arctic winds whip across the open lava fields.


Hard work and great care go into the distilling process. You’ll find the flavor of Iceland in the finely crafted gins that grace your glass.

Icelandic Gin Menu


Ólafsson gin is a premium gin made by Eyland Distillery in Reykjavik, Iceland, made with locally sourced botanicals, water, and masterful distillation for a unique and complex flavor profile, a perfect blend of earthy, floral and spicy notes that reflect the essence of Iceland and its natural beauty.


Angelica gin is a premium gin made by 64° Reykjavik Distillery. This gin is crafted using a blend of traditional gin botanicals, including juniper, coriander and angelica root, which gives it a unique, aromatic flavor profile. It is an excellent choice for gin connoisseurs and is often served neat, on the rocks or in cocktails.


Himbrimi Old Tom Gin from Iceland is a gin made from Icelandic water and botanicals, including angelica root, juniper berries, and angelica seeds, which is said to have a smooth and balanced taste with a hint of sweetness.


Einiberja gin is a true expression of Icelandic terroir, made with locally sourced botanicals that capture the essence of the country's rugged beauty and abundant natural resources. The distillation process at 64° Reykjavik Distillery combines traditional techniques with modern innovation to create a premium gin with a bold, complex flavor profile.


Angelica Rhubarb Gin is made from a carefully selected blend of Icelandic rhubarb and botanicals. This special fusion creates a one-of-a-kind flavor that lingers on your palate long after your last sip. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the magic of Icelandic gin like never before.


Himbrimi Winterbird Edition Gin is a unique blend of botanicals sourced from the wilds of Iceland. Juniper berries, Arctic thyme and angelica flowers are carefully hand-picked by founder Óskar Ericsson each summer to create a gin that truly captures the essence of the Icelandic wilderness. 


Freyja Spirit of Valkyries Gin is a high-quality Icelandic gin known for its distinctive characteristics. It's made from non-genetically modified winter wheat and crystal clear Icelandic rock water, which contribute to its purity and unique flavor profile.


With a unique blend of locally foraged botanicals and natural berry additions, this gin presents a harmonious mix of earthy, fruity, and floral notes, creating a refreshing and aromatic drinking experience. Its natural pink hue and absence of artificial additives make it a pure representation of Iceland's pristine environment and a delight for gin enthusiasts seeking a distinctive taste.


Stuðlaberg Pink Gin is a unique blend of botanicals sourced from the wilds of Iceland. Juniper berries, Arctic thyme and angelica flowers are carefully hand-picked by founder Óskar Ericsson each summer to create a gin that truly captures the essence of the Icelandic wilderness. 

Pure North Gin


Lundey Gin is a premium Icelandic spirit that magically changes from blue to pink with tonic. Inspired by Lundey Island's beauty, it offers a visual delight beyond taste.


Created by Master Distiller Ragnar Tryggvason, Old Islandia Gin is made with pure Icelandic water, and distilled in a pot still. The gin is bottled at the Volcanic Drinks Distillery in Reykjavik.


Himbrimi Winterbird Edition marries juniper berries, Arctic thyme and angelica flowers, all of which are hand-picked by founder Óskar Ericsson each summer from the Icelandic wilderness.


Tucked on the bottom shelf, this understated gin with plain packaging and very little information available. There's no mythology or storyline, no magic or special herbs. Isafold manages to offer the surprise of being a solid dry gin that works best mixed in your favorite cocktails.


The purity of Glacier Gin originates with Icelandic water, some of the purest and cleanest in the world. Expressing the outdoors and raw nature, the smooth and delicious flavours come from Juniper Berries, Coriander Seeds, Lemon, Bergamot and Dandelion flowers.


Experience a unique blend of fresh citrus, juniper, and floral notes for a smooth, refreshing taste. Explore the spirit of Iceland in every sip.


Made with pure water from Icelandic mountains and inspired by the vibrant city life of the world’s northernmost capital.  Reykjavik Pink Gin is strawberry flavored and pink colored, representing kind people living in a harsh environment.


Reykjavik Gin features a distinct cucumber-forward profile, offering a crisp and fresh taste with a balance of juniper and subtle pepper. Its smoothness, ideal for sipping neat or in cocktails, highlights its versatility and refreshing character, making it a standout choice for gin enthusiasts


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Pure North Gin


We collect our botanicals from Iceland’s untamed landscape and blend them with pure spring water to create this handcrafted, amber gin. Our Wild Gin is unfiltered and untamed and bursting with the flavour of arctic thyme, crimson rhubarb, and angelica root. A gin that truly captures the complexity of the Arctic wild.

Pure North Gin


Wild Pink Gin is infused with blackcurrants to give the gin its distinctive color and sweetness. Blackcurrants are known locally as “sólber”, or sun berry, and are only available for a short window of time and provided they get abundant sunshine. The result is a rare spirit of bottled sunshine.


OG Natura Wild Gin Old Tom is a premium gin steeped in wild botanicals, creating a rich and complex flavor profile. The gin is oak-aged with smoked juniper for an added depth of flavor, making it perfect for sipping neat or in cocktails.


Smooth and citrus. An excellent balance where juniper is still dominant but a citrus freshness is also allowed to shine through. A gin that ‘tastes of gin’.


MÓA GIN is a premium gin spirit made with a blend of classic botanicals and hand-picked wild botanicals. This gin is distilled in small batches to ensure quality and features a unique, smooth taste with a touch of earthy and floral notes. Perfect for sipping neat or mixing in cocktails, MÓA GIN is a standout addition to any gin collection.


Stuðlaberg Gin has rich flavors of juniper berries, citrus, orange, a hint of cardamom, and a subtle taste of licorice. It is smooth and handcrafted in Iceland with pure Icelandic water.


This gin is made in the style of a 19th-century Icelandic gin: made from 100% Icelandic barley, infused with herbs and botanicals native to Iceland at the turn of the 20th century and triple distilled.


Vor is handcrafted in small batches of only 500 bottles rich with distinct flavours of
Icelandic juniper, rhubarb, kelp and birch. Matured in virgin whisky barrels gives Vor earthy vanilla notes that compliment its complex botanical mix.


This gin is made in the style of a 19th-century Icelandic gin: made from 100% Icelandic barley, and infused with herbs and botanicals native to Iceland at the turn of the 20th century, and triple distilled. intense flavours from the Icelandic botanicals.

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