Lundey Gin

Embracing the pristine purity of Iceland, Lundey Gin stands as a symbol of both tradition and innovation, skillfully intertwined. It takes its name from the ruggedly beautiful Lundey Island, known for its thriving puffin population. This enchanting gin salutes its Icelandic heritage, encapsulating the wild allure and diverse fauna of its namesake island within each bottle. Meticulously distilled and infused by the distinguished 64°Reykjavik Distillery, Lundey Gin offers a drinking experience that transcends conventional taste and aroma, venturing into a captivating realm of visual delight.

One of the most enchanting attributes of Lundey Gin is its brilliant bright blue hue, which mirrors the vast Atlantic Ocean that cradles Lundey Island. This captivating color is not merely aesthetic; it’s the gateway to an extraordinary experience brought about by the natural infusion of Butterfly Pea flowers. When paired with your favorite tonic, a beautiful alchemical reaction unfolds in your glass, transforming the gin’s blue hue into a vibrant shade of pink as rich as Iceland’s cherished Arctic thyme flowers.

But the magic of Lundey Gin is not limited to its stunning chromatic transformation. The care and craftsmanship that goes into its production, helmed by the 64°Reykjavik Distillery, reflect a profound reverence for the distillation process. The distillery’s dedication to creating premium spirits that encapsulate the unique essence of their Icelandic origins is at the heart of Lundey Gin, resulting in a drinking experience as distinctive and memorable as the island that inspired it.

Even though the precise tasting notes of Lundey Gin are yet to be unveiled, the infusion of Butterfly Pea flowers hints at a possible botanical profile featuring floral and herbal undertones. This color-changing gin, which morphs when mixed with tonic, suggests a spirit designed with creative cocktail crafting in mind, presenting both bartenders and gin enthusiasts with an intriguing ingredient for experimentation.

Balancing strength and smoothness at 43% vol, Lundey Gin is a versatile asset to any gin collection. Whether it’s savored neat to fully appreciate its pure form, or mixed into a cocktail to witness its breathtaking color transformation, Lundey Gin promises a gin experience that is both engaging and unforgettable.

The Science Behind the Magic: Butterfly Pea Flowers and Tonic

The color-changing magic of Lundey Gin comes from the Butterfly Pea flower, a plant widely known for its unique anthocyanin content. Anthocyanins are a type of pigment that is sensitive to pH changes. When you mix Lundey Gin with tonic water, which is typically more acidic, the pH of the drink lowers. This change in pH causes the anthocyanins in the Butterfly Pea flower infusion to shift colors, transforming the bright blue gin into a vibrant pink right before your eyes. It’s a touch of science mixed with a dash of magic, creating a visual spectacle in your glass.

In conclusion, Lundey Gin is far more than a mere spirit; it is a celebration of Icelandic heritage, a testament to distillation craftsmanship, and a multi-sensory journey that pleases the eyes as much as the palate. Even without detailed tasting notes, its unique color-changing properties and the sterling reputation of its distiller speak volumes about its potential. In its radiant blue bottle, Lundey Gin serves as a vivid reminder that the world of gin is as deep, varied, and fascinating as the ocean that breathes life into this exceptional spirit.


About 64°Reykjavik Distillery

Since its establishment in 2009, 64°Reykjavik Distillery has been a leader in the Icelandic distillery scene, known for their innovative and handcrafted spirits. As a family-run and independent micro-distillery, they are passionate about capturing the true essence of Icelandic nature. The distillery’s methods have gained attention and admiration, with a legend suggesting that they were passed down by a mythical elf named Benedikt, who was chosen by the elven king to share this knowledge with humans. These methods include natural infusion, small batch distillation, and using locally sourced ingredients that are harvested sustainably. It is this combination of techniques that gives 64°Reykjavik Distillery’s spirits their unique and intriguing flavors. With sincere appreciation, they raise a glass in Skál and hail to the elf.

At the heart of their story is an unwavering dedication to creating exceptional flavors. During the short arctic summer, 64°Reykjavik Distillery fearlessly ventures into the wild Icelandic wilderness to gather a variety of delicious berries and botanicals. This incredible harvest is the result of hard work not only from their own team but also from a network of farmers and foragers who share their passion. From carefully selecting ingredients in the beautiful hills of Icelandic valleys to the meticulous craftsmanship within their distillery, every step of their process is carried out with dedication and care. The time, effort, and love they put into their craft are evident in the outstanding quality of their products, which proudly grace the shelves of top local bars and restaurants. They take great pride and feel privileged to distill the unique spirit of Iceland into refined craft spirits, ensuring that each sip offers an experience that goes beyond the ordinary and leaves a lasting impression of exceptional taste and artistry.