Brunnur Distillery

Gin Description

A unique London Dry Gin made with Icelandic spring water, wild arctic thyme and angelica flowers.

Himbrimi means “heaven howler” and is the Icelandic name for the common loon (Gavia immer).

Starting out as Old Tom Gin, this gin undergoes a second distillation using the natural energy of geothermal water.

Himbrimi Winterbird is perfect served with a crisp tonic with a flavored tonic or shaken into your favourite cocktail.

ABV: 42%

Tasting Notes

Fresh citrus and Angelica, the scent of wildflowers. Extremely smooth and soft. Good balance between the juniper, angelica and citrus, with a hint of lavender and arctic thyme. Lingers on the tongue with a long smooth finish.

Shipped directly from Iceland worldwide.
Courtesy of our partner, nammi.is

About the Distillery

Brunnur Distillery was founded in early 2017 and is owned by Oskar Ericsson and Junio Carchini.

Our team includes:

Oskar Ericsson – CEO and Master Distiller
Junio Carchini – CFO and Export Manager
Hildur Helgadóttir – COO

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