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Gin Description

Stuðlaberg Pink Gin is a celebration of Icelandic craftsmanship, capturing the essence of Iceland’s rugged beauty in a bottle. With its rich flavors of juniper berries, citrus, orange, and subtle hints of cardamom and licorice, it offers a smooth and harmonious tasting experience. The use of pure Icelandic water adds to its unique character, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a gin that perfectly balances traditional and modern flavors with an Icelandic twist.


ABV: 42%

Tasting Notes

Stuðlaberg Pink Gin offers a rich and complex flavor profile. The nose starts with anise, licorice, and citrus, accompanied by a fantastic definition of juniper. On the palate, the gin is cool and smooth, featuring notes of citrus and cardamom, leading to a long and harmonious finish. It’s described as a modern dry gin with a spicy twist, showing a balance between various botanicals. The overall experience is marked by pronounced citrus and herbal notes, with a cooling touch of licorice and a zesty quality from high-quality juniper.

Shipped directly from Iceland worldwide.
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About the Distillery

Hovdenak Distillery, located in the scenic town of Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, represents a fusion of traditional distilling techniques and Iceland’s unique natural resources. Founded on the principles of craftsmanship and quality, the distillery specializes in producing a range of spirits that reflect the purity and essence of Iceland’s pristine environment. Utilizing the country’s renowned geothermal energy for sustainable production and the purest Icelandic water for distillation.

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